Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tri for Joe


Swim: 11:20
Bike: 37:40
Run: 24:07

12th place in my age group

Forest Hills 5K

Last weekend we ran the Forest Hills 5k.

Cheryl | 23:18.00 | 7:31 miles
1st place in age group!
12th overall female 
57th overall

Brian | 24:02.00 | 7:45 miles
5th place in age group
63rd overall male
82nd overall

Probably the best part of the FH5K was Meka in the Future Forest Hill-ers race. The 3 year olds were lined up first, we told Meka to run to Rosie Red (the mascot) when the whistle blew (forgot to tell her to wait until the 4 year olds started). So...when the 3 year olds started, she took off diagonally across the field to Rosie. For the record she pretty much destroyed the 3 year olds.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Charles Wesley's "A Man of Fashion"

A man of taste and dissipation ...
In sleep, in dress, and sport and play
He throws his worthless life away...
With a disdainful smile or frown
He on the riff-raff crowd looks down;
The world polite his friends and he;
And all the rest are - nobody!...
Custom pursues, his only rule,
And lives and Ape, and dies a Fool.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spartan Race

The gauntlet is thrown for summer 2011.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

so, i have a pretty screwed up cell phone. the screen is busted on the inside so that it is about 90% covered with what looks like an ink blot. therefore, i can see that i get text messages but have no idea who they are from or what they say other than a single word here or there.

i have been getting a lot of texts lately. if any of you have been writing me, i am sorry if it seems like i am ignoring you - i just can't write back or even know that it is you who is writing i am eligible for a new phone at the end of june but until then i am textless.

this is an unfortunate circumstance for a guy who has the conversational phone skills of a chubby and hyper 7th grade girl with a thick retainer in her mouth and a propensity to blurt out single-sentence expletives about her parents' messy divorce in between awkward jokes involving people who don't like her. ...yes, i am describing a girl i knew in seventh grade who would not go out with me...i wasn't cool enough.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

so, if sabrina has one favorite celebrity of all time, that celebrity is steve martin. she has long been claiming that steve martin is her spirit animal.

a friend of ours that i go to school with knew this (and, in fact, was on a mini-golf team with us called the beav' martins) and through a connection in the music biz got us tickets so the 3 of us could go see the taping of steve martin's appearance on austin city limits. we were first row center right in front of steve. he played a helluva banjo with a kick-ass back-up bluegrass band called the steep canyon rangers.

seeing the taping was extremely bizarre. the set for austin city limits is totally different in person and you have cameras passing everywhere. really cool experience.

apparently it won't be airing until october but try and catch the show because he was damn good, hilarious, and you might just catch a few jerks in the front row you recognize.