Tuesday, February 23, 2010

investigating the origins of holey cheese

so, my favorite living architect is peter zumthor, a swiss architect. my favorite architect from the past is le corbusier, also swiss. rudolf steiner, a philosopher/writer/architect created a kind of architecture based on his philosophy of anthroposophy that is of great interest to me and all of his buildings (15) were built in the town of Dornach, Switzerland.

anyway, switzerland is my personal architecture mecca.

i just received word that i have won a travel scholarship based on a proposal I wrote to conduct independent research in Dornach, Switzerland on the work of Rudolf Steiner and the evolution of building in the area, as influenced by his anthroposophical style.

point is - we are going to switzerland for about 2 weeks this summer! i am going to get to experience some of my favorite works of architecture in person!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

curiosity killed the bobcat

so, this is my latest studio project. we had to build a cabinet of curiosity that considered their traditional uses and applied our interpretation to what would be equivalent modern objects of curiosity. my cabinet features objects similar to those commonly seen in curisoity cabinets form the 16th century (objects found in nature) and juxtaposes them with what i consider a modern marvel, western medicine. each element in the cabinet - the bobcat skull, rhea egg, goat horn, crystal, and shell - are traditional components of eastern medicine. the cabinet opens to reveal that all of these objects have been cut in half and are behind glass, containing their western medicine counterpart on one side of their interior cavity.

this project will ultimately inform designing architecture around objects and/or a collection, as is often done in the design of museums.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Times They Are A'Changin

How amazing and surreal and satisfying must it have been for Dylan to play for and shake the hand of our first African-American President after all his songs and after what he's been singing for for the past 50+ years?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

we are the...pathetic

so, if you haven't seen the new we are the world video to benefit haiti - watch it now! it is on hulu. so entertaining but, i warn you, so damn depressing. it may be a bigger disaster than the earthquake itself.

now, i am all for good causes. i have worked in the nonprofit world for years and have been part of all kinds of less than glamorous events that had good intentions but sometimes didn't come off particularly well. but this whole video (AND THE LINE-UP OF "MUSICIANS") is absurd.

compare the line-up of the original we are the world to the new one and see if you don't do the impossible and end up longing for the '80's. oh, and don't worry - to underscore just how bad things have gotten in music, there is plenty of auto-tune going on. the new line-up seems so much less moved by their cause and much more eager to compete to masterbate into the microphone for the sake of their own egos. i think that their choice of opening singer says it all. yep, it is this kid...this freaking kid.

did we learn nothing as a culture about the danger of trying to re-live the past after the riots at "woodstock 30"?

haiti needs help. how about we collectively approach the problem by asking what would be most effective now and not misappropriate a genuine effort made in a completely different time in a fundamentally different society.

twins...i don't care for 'em...not even a little.

so, twins freak me out. i mean, a lot. identical twins. if the parents of twins were considerate human beings in the least they would stop monopolizing the earth's resources and choose ONE kid. i am a reasonable man so i understand the reluctance to do so. that is why i suggest putting the other kid in a chamber where they can be kept for spare parts but in a place where the rest of us won't have to look at 'em. i mean, allowing two of the exact same looking human to walk around on the planet is just thinking too damn much of that one typology of person.

knowing that i feel this way, you will understand why this picture freaks me out so much. i do not want twins anywhere near my wife! if there are two of them there could easily become an army! and then we can be overrun with plaid and androgyny!

this picture was taken by a photographer friend of sabrina's while they were in twinsburg, ohio during the international twin festival. the fact that ohio supports twins and twin-like behavior is the foremost reason why i will never move back there. i plan to avoid nevada as well because of their festival in the town of nazi-pederast, nevada. but between the two, i am more likely to become a nevadan.

this picture was published in a magazine a few years back. it was either an art magazine or a magazine for people traumatized by the shining but can't get enough of the grotesque fear and shock created by the sight of nature's cruel double-dare.

i particularly blame double mint gum and the olson twins for glamourizing twindom and allowing twins to feel free to be seen together, teach in our schools and hold public office. they act like the debate is closed but the jury is still far from in and i, for one, believe that twin-ing is a choice! it is nurture not nature. there are viable alternatives (see more detailed information on the aforementioned spare-parts chamber in my manifesto: towards a twinless world). let's say no to the supernumerary and stand up for family values. after all, it was adam and eve - not adam, adam's identical twin brother shmadam and eve.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prayer | from "Things Needful" in The Valley of Vision"

Fill the garden of my soul with the wind of love, that the scents of the Christian life may be wafted to others; then come and gather fruits to thy glory. So shall I fulfil the great end of my being - to glorify thee and be a blessing to men.

Monday, February 8, 2010

settlers of divorce (me and sabrina's knock-down, drag-out version)

although we are of scottish blood and this t-shirt might cause some misunderstandings, settlers of catan enthusiasts would think you were cool...which might, in fact, prove that you are terribly uncool.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The District of Snowlumbia

While I recognize that I risk pushing this whole snowstorm thing past saturation point, I hereby present too many pictures from our foray out into a genuine Winter Wonderland of over two feet of snow.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

NYTimes: ‘Lost,’ Nearing End, Nods to the Beginning

From The New York Times:

'Lost,' Nearing End, Nods to the Beginning

Tuesday night's season premiere of "Lost" seemed to be trying to strike a balance between the show's convoluted mythology and its more human, character-driven dimension.