Sunday, May 30, 2010

Forest Hills 5K

Last weekend we ran the Forest Hills 5k.

Cheryl | 23:18.00 | 7:31 miles
1st place in age group!
12th overall female 
57th overall

Brian | 24:02.00 | 7:45 miles
5th place in age group
63rd overall male
82nd overall

Probably the best part of the FH5K was Meka in the Future Forest Hill-ers race. The 3 year olds were lined up first, we told Meka to run to Rosie Red (the mascot) when the whistle blew (forgot to tell her to wait until the 4 year olds started). So...when the 3 year olds started, she took off diagonally across the field to Rosie. For the record she pretty much destroyed the 3 year olds.

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