Saturday, May 1, 2010

so, if sabrina has one favorite celebrity of all time, that celebrity is steve martin. she has long been claiming that steve martin is her spirit animal.

a friend of ours that i go to school with knew this (and, in fact, was on a mini-golf team with us called the beav' martins) and through a connection in the music biz got us tickets so the 3 of us could go see the taping of steve martin's appearance on austin city limits. we were first row center right in front of steve. he played a helluva banjo with a kick-ass back-up bluegrass band called the steep canyon rangers.

seeing the taping was extremely bizarre. the set for austin city limits is totally different in person and you have cameras passing everywhere. really cool experience.

apparently it won't be airing until october but try and catch the show because he was damn good, hilarious, and you might just catch a few jerks in the front row you recognize.

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