Friday, March 2, 2007

My Future Hometown

So, here's a picture of a street in my soon-to-be new hometown. Come August, I will again be a Michigander. It's been a long time coming...
I fully expect visitors now that there will no longer be the unavoidable fear of being Ned Beattied.

And on an unrelated note, it turns out that The Kinks created one of the best American albums I've heard--and they're British. Took a cue from The Band on that one, I guess. It's called Muswell Hillbillies and it's simply awesome. And yes, The Kinks really are that good, so get over it.


  1. Well done Michigander! Is that the street from "Back to the Future"? RUN FOR IT MARTY!

  2. let's go blue.

    well, done. i am sure that your manipulative hand was on the proverbial small of grace's back gently pushing her toward the midwest the whole time during her decision.
    "well, new york city is alright as far as cities go, other than the dirt, crime, and cliches...i hear that ann arbor is known for its good hand jobs, did i tell you?"

    "north know, i hear that unc is the ebola center of the western world. ann arbor on the other hand, why, they have excellent hand-jobs!"

    congrats! bottoms up! you're a long-weekend away from the sand dunes.