Friday, March 2, 2007

A More Thorough Attempt

Springtime blossoms

I need to give this more space, I think. I realized as soon as I hit "publish" that I misrepresented the question and my answers. Like ReTodd, I need a category. Mine will be "Five Favorite Songs to Bust Out as Spring Rolls In" as Spring is now upon us in the South (fifth straight day of 65+ degree weather).

"The Weight"--The Band (also in the running for favorite song of all time)
"Buckets of Rain"--Bob Dylan
"Sing Me Spanish Techno"--The New Pornographers
"High Times"--Grateful Dead
"Left of the Dial"--The Replacements

Alright, so that's that.
I would never feel satisfied with a favorite of all-times list, so this will have to do.
And yes, that's an accurate representation of Sandy Creek Park today.

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