Monday, March 5, 2007

The Category is...

Alright, so I agree that it is imperative to have a category. Without a category there are just too darn many. The category I went with was "5 favorite songs off the top of my head" which necessarily leaves out most, if not all, of my true favorites. And the number 5 though arbitrary makes it significantly more difficult. Well done! This could be a fun ongoing bit. One of us throws down a category for top 5 & we all respond.

I agree that "The Weight" may very well be the best song ever. After listening to the drums on it one day and reading the liner notes I immediately went and tuned my toms the same way Levon did. By the way, is that Elton John song about Levon Helm? Does he have a son named Jesus and want Tony Danza to hold him closer?

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