Friday, March 2, 2007

i can't. i refuse. it is too much to handle.

5 favorite songs? that is like asking which friends i would keep if you were going to kill all but 5. case this ever happens, scrote is number 6.

i need a category or it is just too damn much.
5 favorite songs: to hear when i am moving, about rain, sung by a chick, about drinking, while driving, by bob dylan, after a break-up, on vacation, that mention the word "footloose", that has been covered by a shitty '90's group, that i wish i'd written, etc. these i might be able to handle.

i choose for the moment to write my 5 favorite songs to end a mix tape...i should warn you, my formula is to end 'em big and slow and leave you simoultaneously satisfied and totally empty:

*Madame George - Van Morrison (Really, just about any from astral weeks)
*Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands - Bob Dylan (He thought this was a good close too)
*Juliette - Crooked Fingers
*Bird on the Wire - Leonard Cohen
*God - John Lennon

alright, those are my 5 favorite mix tape closers (today). in the spirit of full disclosure, i should tell you i have actually only ended mix tapes with 2 of these but i am certain the others are nearly perfect for any mix tape with songs i'd be prone to put on there.

predictable, yes. but i dare you to argue with them.

down the hatch!

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