Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baby Socks baby's feet must be made of teflon because socks do not stay on their feet unless they are held on by shoes, which in themselves, are not particularly the most stay-on-able dealios around. There are at LEAST half a dozen baby socks around the family room. Ridiculous...

And Meka keeps stepping up on the bongos, reaching over the arm of my chair and pulling her 22 pound self up on my arm hair. Ouch. If my right arm looks spatchier than my left, that's why. the top of my head, no consulting my records or iTunes library or anything, these are 5 of my favorite songs w/ a brief description. I encourage anyone reading to do this & blog it. 5 favorite songs, the first 5 that come to mind at the moment & no consulting libraries. DISCLAIMER: when doing this there are bound to be a TON of misses, songs you wish you would have picked, blah, blah, blah...but that's okay. First 5 to come to mind.

Here we go...

Rain by Patty Griffin

This song is remarkably powerful every single time I hear it. The power is exacerbated by the fact that it IS raining currently. Powerful voice, great dynamics & instrumentation. Fantastic.

God Only Knows by the Beach Boys
It was sort of a toss up between God Only Knows & Good Vibrations but where GV might wail on GOK in a fight, GOK would turn the other cheek & be taken up by God in some sort of Enochian event. Can we all just agree that Brian Wilson was some sort of cosmic channel of the language of God?

Latter Days by Over the Rhine

Maybe this one & Rain entered into my consciousness because of the mass amount of non-frozen precipitation that has fallen today but this song is awfully powerful. From slow the fade in of the piano to the aching lyrics, this song makes my soul hurt every time. "Quiet music should be played loud." -Linford Detweiler

We're From Barcelona by I'm From Barcelona
Thank you Scotty for this ridiculous, precious gem. These guys have a tune that is INFECTIOUS. Click this link with the warning that if you do, you will never, ever get this song out of your skull.

Sovay by Andrew Bird
I'm not sure what it is about this song or Andrew Bird, it's just beautiful. He said the line from an old poem captured his imagination and wouldn't let go. This song does the same for me. If we have another daughter I want to name her Sovay.

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  1. Alright, I'm going to have to do five favorite right now, or I'll be thinking for hours. Here we go, in no particular order:

    Caledonia Mission--The Band
    Animal Farm--The Kinks
    Carborro Woman--Eric Bachmann
    Stevie Nix--The Hold Steady
    Hey Chicken--Loose Fur