Monday, March 5, 2007

alright, i can get down with the top 5 songs to bring in spring, only, my slight variation is- top 5 favorite daytime-windows-down-in-the-car-songs.

here are mine:

*born to run - the boss
(this may be the greatest windows-down song/rock n' roll song of all times. as long as you don't wear it out, a couple times a year there is nothing better. springsteen may also be the king of windows-down songs)*

*highway 61 - bob dylan.
(a whoopee whistle can't truly be appreciated with the windows up. let's have it all out on highway 61)

*drifter's wife - j.j. cale.
(i mean, this song is too good. would definitely make my all-time best list)

*wendy - beach boys
(so damn sweet. did you guys ever notice the cough in this song during the organ solo?)

*big darkness/sweet marie - crooked fingers
(hell yeah. i need to take a drive)

alright. dig.

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