Sunday, February 14, 2010

we are the...pathetic

so, if you haven't seen the new we are the world video to benefit haiti - watch it now! it is on hulu. so entertaining but, i warn you, so damn depressing. it may be a bigger disaster than the earthquake itself.

now, i am all for good causes. i have worked in the nonprofit world for years and have been part of all kinds of less than glamorous events that had good intentions but sometimes didn't come off particularly well. but this whole video (AND THE LINE-UP OF "MUSICIANS") is absurd.

compare the line-up of the original we are the world to the new one and see if you don't do the impossible and end up longing for the '80's. oh, and don't worry - to underscore just how bad things have gotten in music, there is plenty of auto-tune going on. the new line-up seems so much less moved by their cause and much more eager to compete to masterbate into the microphone for the sake of their own egos. i think that their choice of opening singer says it all. yep, it is this kid...this freaking kid.

did we learn nothing as a culture about the danger of trying to re-live the past after the riots at "woodstock 30"?

haiti needs help. how about we collectively approach the problem by asking what would be most effective now and not misappropriate a genuine effort made in a completely different time in a fundamentally different society.

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