Friday, September 7, 2007

My Fantasy Manning

So we're playing in a Fantasy Football league with our Life Group and it's pretty sweet. Fantasy Football may be the most brilliant interest raising marketing thingy ever. I am SIGNIFICANTLY more interested in any and all games since I have players from quite a few. I don't know if the NFL did it deliberately but it's brilliant.

Anyway...I picked Peyton Manning in the first round for my team, the Extremely Manly Ferry Tigers. We'll see how it works out. Last night he earned me 29 points, which I'm not really even sure how great that is but it sounds good, with these numbers: 288 PaYd, 3 PaTD (27,28,45).


  1. No doubt. Fantasy football is a perfect marketing tool. It's easy, fun, and--as you mention--interest-raising.

    Who else is on your team? My team in the league I'm in is pretty hit and miss--no Peyton or anything, he went first overall--but they should be alright.

  2. Yeah, I had the 2nd pick and took Manning. By buddy Chris thinks that was a crazy move b/c all the Fantasy gurus say pick a running back. I would have taken LT but he went first so I thought...I'm taking Manning.

    My biggest mistake, which might cause a loss this week was to bench Randy Moss. I have NO IDEA what I was thinking.

    I'm relying on Edgerrin James to get me a bunch of points tonight. I think I need 16. So Edge needs to show up big time.

    I posted our roster, now post yours.

    We ought to do a family league next year.