Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Michigan: The Mediocre Lakes States

It's fair to say this here blog is almost dead, I guess, but here's a mild attempt at resuscitation.
I am now settling into Ann Arbor, which as a whole is settling into being worse than Appalachian State. Just for the record, it's a sweet place. Expensive, yes, but very cool.

It's true what you hear about the Michigan economy, though. It's not so good.

So that's that there. No reason to drag that out.

Now, I have been wondering what Republican presidential candidates people like nowadays, as I don't really see a whole lot of difference. Luckily the New York Times found it fit print an article about that. It's utterly depressing, really, that these are the type of people that choose the president.

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  1. Well...that's a variety of comments. The salt of the earth.

    Crazy presidential election. I'm tired of it and it hasn't really even started yet.

    Fred Thompson is really good on Law & Order. I'm just saying.

    The best news of all...none of them have the initals: George W. Bush.