Sunday, June 10, 2007

Seven Deadly Sins : : Laziness

This week we began a new series on the 7 Deadly Sins.

There's two reasons it was a bit of struggle preparing a message this week: (1) Sin is stupid and (2) I'm lazy.

This first week was laziness. And by many accounts we as a people are not lazy. The average American works 65 hours a week. Yowser. That makes my 27 pretty paltry. I'm kidding. Mostly.

Anyway...I found that laziness for the early church was much more like apathy and joylessness rather than napping and hitting the snooze button (good thing for me).

Does apathy and joylessness sound like church? Uh...yeah. I thought that's what the word church meant for a long time: joyless and apathetic.

So the opposite of laziness is diligence, and not just diligence at whatever but diligence in the things that matter. Our busyness on things that don't matter can be our laziness. Ooooh, deep.

So here's to diligence! Bottom's up!

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