Monday, June 18, 2007

Reds Rant

Apparently the Reds have taken it upon themselves to show just how inept a baseball team can be. And they are truly thriving at the task, I must say. This is the earliest in the season I can remember having no hope. At the same time, it is the first time in memory that there is actually something to look forward to. Rich and I have been calling for Dunn's trading for years now (always preferring Kearns) and I am hoping it will finally come to fruition. But then, the Reds already have the most ineffective relievers in the league, so Krivsky has no one to trade for.
In seriousness, though, I would love to see the Reds start playing it smart. Even in the Central they're dead in the water. Build for 2009. I won't venture a guess as to who they'll trade for, as that is hardly a worthwhile venture, as Hal McCoy recently pointed out. However, if reports are true that they asked the Angels for three major leaguers, I find that rather ridiculous. You can't make up for last year's gaffe by gouging another team--not because of ethics, but because no other GM is so desperate to prove himself. I can only imagine Bill Stoneman laughing as he hung up the phone. If they could get just Kendrick or Wood they'd be getting enough. I hope Krivsky doesn't blow it by being greedy--or by insisting on getting pitching. Literally every position can stand an upgrade if they get the right guy.
So I'm looking forward to--and severely fearing--the trade action. Also, the possibility of acquiring a top prospect or two and pairing them with Bailey, Bruce, Stubbs, and Votto next year or in '09 sounds pretty good.
Embedded are photos of my top three wishlist for Dunn, realism completely and utterly aside: James Loney (1B from the Dodgers, knee injury not withstanding), Matt Garza (SP from the Twins), and Jarrod Saltalamacchia (C from the Braves).


  1. FYI -- Last year's trade was not a gaffe. Check the numbers Felipe Lopez SUCKS (not the all caps). He's hitting below .250 and has been moved to 2B because his defense as SS was so bad. Remember, the Reds had the money to sign a far superior Gonzalez at SS because of that trade. And Kearns has been equally abysmal this year. Let's remember, Krivsky managed to find Josh Hamilton for $50,000. Wouldn't you rather have him in the OF than Austin Kearns (who peaked as a player about 2 months after he was called up to the majors).

    Let's also remember, Krivsky made a great trade for Brandon Phillips last year and Marcus MCBeth this year (McBeth is going to be very good; you heard it here first).

    Dunn's not going to bring us very much because of his contract. It'll be more fun to watch him hit 40 dingers, drive in 100 runs, and count his strikeouts.

  2. That should say "note the all caps" after my declaration of Lopez's suckiness.

  3. To me it's not a matter of what Kearns and Lopez are doing now, it's what the Reds got in return. Majewski is hardly a better pitcher than Lopez is a batter. Bray hasn't pitched an inning this year (though I know his injury isn't Krivsky's fault and I do still hold out hope for him). Brendan Harris is tearing it up for Tampa Bay; Royce Clayton is, well, still Royce Clayton and not with the club.
    I call it a gaffe not because he traded Kearns and Lopez but because he could've gotten *much* more. Indeed, an AL GM made the comment that he wouldn't have traded even one of them for what they got from Washington. And this is from arguably the best GM in baseball, not me.
    I do know that I defended that trade with every ounce of my being for as long as I could, but the fact remains that after the trade they couldn't score runs and largely still couldn't pitch (though that was the rotation's fault). And this year is somehow worse on all fronts.
    If they were a (fringe) contender before the trade and league-wide cellar-dwellers after, how is that not a gaffe? Quite simply, their record was better when Kearns and Lopez were with them--but again, I don't mind that they traded, it's about *value*. And they did not get good value for two everyday players.
    I agree that Dunn may not bring back much but many teams are, by all accounts, calling about him. If the competition continues to be fierce, then the market bears a better haul for the Reds. Since they likely won't excercise their option on Dunn after this season, why not get a prospect or two, even if they are only B+ or A- guys?
    Yeah, Krivsky did get a few gems--Hamilton, Arroyo, Phillips, heck even Gonzalez is hitting better than he ever has. But Conine, Saarloos, trading Justin Germano (check out his numbers in San Diego), Clayton, Harris. I mean, you make that many transactions, something's bound to go right.
    I'm not saying Krivsky hasn't done anything worthwhile or that he doesn't know what he's doing (clearly he knows more than I do), but he sure hasn't been perfect.
    In support of my case I will post some statistics I've put together. Let me know what you think.
    (By the way, it's great having Reds talk...that doesn't happen much down here).