Wednesday, February 28, 2007

B, P, and the other 24 letter people

so, harper's has confirmed it. BP is far and away the most environmentally friendly and ethical oil company of them all so fill 'er up with BP.

...on a side note, concerning my lack of blogging here is my schedule:
+6:00 a.m. - leave for carpentry.
+1:00 p.m. - leave carpentry and head directly to the Somali center.
+7:30 p.m - return home from Somali.
+7:30 p.m - 10:30 p.m. Play with bunny and girlfriend and hopefully guitar, eat, sleep.

oh, and we don't have the internet at the house. the weekends these days are spent playing music and preparing for grad school (researching schools, preparing portfolio material, looking into taking classes such as physics, calculus, and drawing for pre-reqs, studying for GRE, reading about architecture, etc.).

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