Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flossing = Reading the Bible

Flossing is reading the Bible.

Wednesday morning I got to go to the dentist. Leading up to Wednesday morning I fretted over the fact that I had not been flossing. I knew that during the cleaning that moment would arrive when my gums would be torn by the hygienist's floss. And then would come the requisite chastisement: "Have you been flossing? No? You need to floss."


But we were out of floss. And who thinks about buying floss except when it's 7 minutes before bed and you just brushed your teeth. If then.

Of course we should floss. It's good for gums, your teeth won't fall out and stuff and somewhere I heard it even makes you age slower. We all know we ought to floss. But I brush? Isn't that good enough? It's a start. But I really ought to floss.

Sunday mornings I go to worship. I know that during the worship service that moment would arrive when out of the preacher's mouth would come the requisite chastisement: "Have you been reading your Bible daily? No? You need to read your Bible daily." 

Pretty much every Sunday since the Bible has been available in the language of the people and affordable (maybe 150-200 years after the Gutenberg Bible?) it is the obligation of evangelical, and even some other, pastors worldwide to mention in their sermon at least once the need to read the Bible daily. Or have a quiet time (which has always sort of sounded like a punishment to me). Or have devotions. Pick your nomenclature. 

If reading the Bible/having daily quiet times has been something you have struggled with during the week you know it's coming, you are expecting the burn of the "read the Bible" floss on your gums at some point during that sermon.

Of course we should read the Bible daily. It's good for our souls, it helps us know the God we profess to follow, it teaches us about life and godliness. We all know we ought to read the Bible. But I attend a worship service every week or so? Isn't that good enough? It's a start.

There has been nothing, absolutely nothing, that has been as beneficial in my life as reading the Bible daily (or almost daily). All kinds of research has shown that reading the Bible is the most significant factor in spiritual growth. Period. We NEED to do it. I actually like it when the preacher tells us to do it. Because my gums are used to that. But for some (most?) people the read your Bible challenge is like the challenge to floss.

Me? I'm going to start flossing.

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