Saturday, September 12, 2009

i think they may be trying to kill us

2 things:

1) architecture school is intense. really, really intense. as in - i think i remember sleep and i think i remember it being awesome - intense. my brain hurts and the professors all carry metal-plated shovels with thich they dump projects and deadlines on you daily. i assume it is because they went through it. more than a couple of people have quoted old-blood-and-guts patton - the goal of war is to get though it. i am not sure he said doesn't seem like something he would say... but you get the point.

2) architecture school is a helluva lot of fun and i am surrounded by other architecture nerds all of the time.

at least i get to study here. this is the architecture library. it was designed by cass gilbert - architect of the woolworth building in new york.

guess what i have to get back to doing now.

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