Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anchor Bay Triathlon July 11th, 2009

This was my first open water swim and it was WILD. 1/2 mile total; 1/4 mile out, 1/4 back. The first half of the swim was chaos because people were all crammed together. Some kept getting disoriented and then swimming diagonal. I got kicked, scratched, slapped, poked and drank a bunch of the bay.

The second half of the swim was great because the field had stretched out so I got a groove.

Shortly after we got out of the water the sky exploded with a t-storm. So we rode & ran in the thunder, lightning and rain. Crazy. By the time we were running my shoes were completely soaked so with every step I was squishing. Great time, though!

No pics of me biking or running. Only T. I was THAT fast. Or something like that...

Total Time: 1:20.25

Swim: 15:46
Transition 1: 1:54
Bike: 33:59
Transition 2: :29
Run: 28:19

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