Friday, June 12, 2009

The Mutability of Futility

Now, this is usually the type of thing I do immediately before I get proven wrong in spectacular fashion (especially since the Reds are facing the pitiful Hochevar). If that's the case, this will be available for all to see so they can throw my words right back in my face.

Or, more likely, I'll just delete the post by midnight and never speak of this again.

Nonetheless, without further delay I want to draw your attention to the single worst Reds lineup I've seen this year.

Willy Taveras
Alex Gonzalez
Brandon Phillips
Laynce Nix
Ramon Hernandez
Jay Bruce
Jonny Gomes
Ryan Hanigan
Adam Rosales

Now, I don't mean that this is the worst lineup because it's the worst personnel (though that's certainly part of it); I just mean that in terms of optimally utilizing what you have on the roster, this is just miserable.

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