Monday, June 15, 2009

cradle to cradle

so, i would like to HIGHLY recommend this book. it is a fast, fun and incredibly informative read. and i promise it is worth the money to experience this book as an object even without the information inside. it is made and feels (for the better) unlike any book you've probably ever read and that speaks to what the book is about.

written by two environmental heavy-weights in chemistry and architecture with excessive creativity and vision, this book reexamines the way things are designed and consumes, and gives countless ideas of how things could be designed for better quality of life and, most importantly, to cause NO destruction (not less destruction) to the environment. it manages to cover a lot of information but never feels like a laborious read and sheds light on how even current trends in environmentalism just do not accomplish anything particularly significant and covers a lot of history of how we ended up doing things the way we do because of processes in the industrial revolution. it also gives fascinating examples of instances of success in design and rethinking production so that it never feels negative, hopeless or too preachy. it is by a chemist and an architect but has little to do with advanced chemistry and even less to do with architecture, focusing on environmentalism and ideas.

it is a seriously wonderful book. and again, you will want to show the book as an object to everyone you know, in addition to sharing the information. it is on amazon for 9 bucks...just sayin'.

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