Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Great Grandma's Hydrangeas

We kill plants. Not intentionally, mind you. We love plants. I even have a picture of me hugging a tree. And up until we moved into this house neither Cheryl nor I had ever had much of a chance to garden. But the previous owner did quite well with some knock out roses, a rose of sharon bush & some stuff & we've picked up the baton & are giving it a go.

We've planted a Japanese maple (Meka's tree), a couple wisteria plants, a weeping willow (E's tree), wildflowers, three blueberry bushes, some ground cover from the cottage, some various annuals and the best of all, a hydrangea.

The hydrangea is from the hydrangeas at the cottage on Harsen's Island that grow on either side of the garage. As the story goes, Nana split the plant from her mom when she and Papa married, planting it at their first home. Then when they got the cottage built she split it & took it there. A family heirloom plant, if you will. We tried 4 or 5 different plants at least a couple times and finally now one has taken!

Eventually we hope to split this one and have several bushes across the back of the yard.

I love being able to say: "Meka & Edie...this is your great great grandmother's hydrangea."

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