Friday, May 15, 2009

antiderative? but i am pro derivatives!

well, calculus final exam - complete.

to be honest, i love calculus. it is amazing. i would definitely like to continue into higher-level calculus courses one day when i get a chance.

yeah, i have a strong grudge against my former teachers who liked to lump students into either: creative, english and arts students OR math and science students. as far as i can remember i was told i was the former and not the latter, even though i tested just as well on both before i completely bought into it all that junk. i am certainly not suggesting that i am a math genius, but between carpenter-geometry, physics and calculus, i definitely have a love of mathematics that was never developed in school.

i think that believing students are one or the other makes teachers like my 9th grade geometry teacher, mrs. gee, feel better about losing students' interest - - because it couldn't possibly be that they deliver math in a bland and sometimes repulsive way.

scott - i am glad you will be going into the schools and changing things for the better. ...but just in case a kid talks back, i recommend keeping a stash of liquid palmolive in your desk.

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