Friday, April 24, 2009

My New-to-me/Used Bike

I snagged a Trek 400, 53cm road bike off craigslist for under $200 (a large chunk of which I got playing music the other night, thanks Josh, True North & NCCC). Considering that you can hardly get on a decent new road bike for less than $800, I'm pretty stoked. Road about 8 1/2 miles this afternoon & I did it faster (I think) than I did the same loop a couple weeks ago (when I saw the Delorian) & I know I did it more efficiently than on the mountain bike.

I put my Specialized gel seat from my mountain bike on it, assuming I will be riding this cat more (the Rockhopper will be the family bike ride rickshaw towing machine) & I got a couple toe things for the pedals. The frame might be a bit too small but hey...who cares for this price.

And the guy I bought it from is named Favian. So that's cool.

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