Friday, March 27, 2009

iPhone vs. Pre

So the longer the Pre delays in releasing the more the iPhone becomes appealing. We can't go to AT&T any time soon, certainly not until well after the Pre launches.

I know the iPhone has a bajillion apps but they could do a better job contextualizing the commercials to ME.

"Want to check the local snow report?" "There's an app for that."

"Want to count your calories for lunch?" Again. No. "There's an app for THAT."

"Want to remember exactly where you parked the car?" Um...I don't forget that or park somewhere so complicated that I need my phone to tell me.

Show me some apps other than "lighters" or snow reports or calorie counters or games where you can play god and torture islanders.


  1. There's one where you can shoot penguins at polar bears!
    And the one where you can find out a song by holding it up to the speaker!
    And a really fun baseball game!
    And one that picks where you go to eat (and gives reviews)!
    And one that allows you to listen to any NPR station in the country anytime!

    And so, so much more.

    Get one.

  2. the greatest app for anything ever is on the iphone and it is a built in torpedo level. you can set it on anything and find out whether it is level. it is fantastic.

  3. Right...because I frequently get into projects out and about or I get into arguments about whether a table is level or not and think... "If only my phone was a level! Rats!"

    I'm just ticked that I can't get an iPhone OR a Pre because the Pre ain't out yet.

    T... do you have an iPhone?