Sunday, November 23, 2008

Painter of our painting

When setting up our bed room a few years ago we realized we needed something cool. But we didn't want to just go to Bed, Bath and the Abyss to buy some print of a chef with a big mustachio mixing a bowl of whatever (sorry if you have one of those paintings). We wanted some original artwork. But neither Cheryl nor I are particularly artistic in that way and much original artwork is ridiculously expensive. So we obviously went to...ebay.

So now we've got a great painting that hangs in our room of a branch with some red flowers and great background textures with white and beige and black. Quite nice. We frequently look at this original painting and are thankful for it.  We're not art critics, we just like stuff we like.  

Anyway...just received an email from the artist, Rob Kwon, and he's back from a hiatus and is selling stuff on ebay again. You can visit his store CLICK HERE. And I encourage anyone, instead of buying a poster or something, buy original art. You can find a ton of it on ebay.

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