Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a moment of silence...

we have just elected the only political candidate that i have ever TRULY been excited about. it is the first time i have voted FOR someone and not AGAINST somebody else. it is a truly wonderful moment and i hope america won't slip back into apathetic habits. it also seems with that one show of votes, america has redeemed its standing in the world.

that said, let us take a moment for those who were not so lucky. the political folk-singers. i think we may be kind of screwed. i have got all of these bush-inspired protest songs that i spent the last year writing and nothing to do with them. i am literally playing an anarchist rally on saturday and it may be the only audience left for some of these tunes.

damn hope! damn the good guys winning! damn intelligence and solid ideas beating the word "maverick"!

i guess there is always hoping that the economy keeps tanking.

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