Wednesday, October 8, 2008

seriously, this guy has RUINED top gun for me.

...i have always been confused as to why mccain keeps calling himself a lost calf. you?

mav·er·ick (māv'ər-ĭk, māv'rĭk) Pronunciation Key
An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it.

by the way, last night was my weekly poker night (3 weeks in a row champ, thanks) and it obviously coincided with the debates. i recommend for the next debates picking a few key phrases and play a helluva lively drinking game. if there are 6 of you, for example, everyone can pick a word/phrase for someone else that when one of the candidates or pre-debate/post-debate moderator says, they have to drink. recommendations: 1) maverick 2) "reach across the aisle" 3) voting record 4) veteran 5) change 6) (and if palin or w. are involved) nucular

warning: please don't play this game on election day or sarah palin's half of the ticket could exploit the drunken goggles of joe six-pack wanting a hotter white house and earn the little lost calf the election.

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  1. My friend, you missed the best one.

    John McCain said "My friends" 17 times during the debate. Now that's a way to get drunk.

    How about on election night we take a shot every time Obama wins a state? That's maybe 30 shots in two or three hours.

    And maybe a beer for every senate seat the Dems pick up? That's six to nine more drinks.

    So maybe 39 drinks in one night. Hell, if things go our way we could be dead by morning.

    Oh, this could be a mighty fine time indeed.