Monday, May 26, 2008

Young Boy Voted Out of Kindergarten Class

This is the type of story that makes you wonder what in the world is wrong with people.

Young Boy Voted Out

It should be mentioned that the teacher has not yet given a public explanation as to why she did this. I can't possibly imagine that any explanation will be less than despicable, but mark it as noted.


  1. I have never been so outraged in my life!!! This woman has no business teaching children how to descriminate against others for their medical impairments! If she can't DEAL with teaching it's time for her to step out before she ruins the young minds of children. Laws protect her from being descriminated agianst but yet she has no problem descriminating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What the hell? How is that NOT abuse? I don't understand. I'm going to post a story from one of my favorite books called Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli that tells a story about this same sort of incident.