Saturday, March 29, 2008

blog coup d'e todd

well, there is a new blog in town you ferrys!

yeah, i have decided to go solo, suckas!

ummm...well, maybe i will do more of a side-project. i can't tell whether i am more of a beyonce or a michelle and i would hate to be the latter. i don't know if you know this but the other supremes haven't done as well post-break-up as diana.

anywho, i have made a wedding blog because i am just that lame.

lazy, actually. word on etiquette street is that a couple should have a website these days for easy access to information. that just reeked of effort so a blog it is. if you are wondering about stuff it may just be on there.

check it out:

...if i end up killing myself soon, you need not look for a note - allow my contribution to 2 blogs and a myspace page to be a sufficient explanation for self-loathing.

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