Friday, February 22, 2008

Tony Dungy @ the National Youth Ministry Conference

We had the privilege of having Tony Dungy as our speaker tonight. Here are some notes from Coach Dungy's talk:

"The job we do is not nearly as important as the job you do. You have the most important job in America. And I'm not just saying that."

The design of God for the faith to be passed down in the family from generation to generation is breaking down and that's going to take a toll on us. (see end of Joshua to first few chapters of Judges)

About 4/5 incoming players grew up in 1 parent homes. Who, then, influences these kids? Typically teachers and coaches.

(1) Who reaches the non-athletes?
(2) Who's helping these kids spiritually?

Favorite Scripture: 'What does it profit a man to gain the whole word but forfeit his own soul' -Jesus

First coaching assignment: Help these guys get better, on the field and off the field.

Something we have in common: there will be some losses. And it might be devastating. Some players develop quickly like Joseph Addai and Tony Gonzalez. Other players take painstaking effort like Trent Dilfer in Tampa. Some players develop slowly over time.

Advice (same for us as when he started coaching):
(1) Learn your craft.
(2) Connect. Make it personal, be yourself. Take a personal interest in your people.
(3) Recharge.
a. Rely on Christ. As hard as we work it's not us but God that does the work through us.
b. Stay in the Scriptures
c. Trust the Lord when you experience those setbacks. And many times those setbacks allow to encourage others.
d. "Forget what's behind and focus on what's ahead"

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