Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So around our house potty is one of the top 10 words these days. Usually the context is Meka saying "potty!" which basically means "I just pooped in my pants."

But for us adults we don't announce our pottying, unless of course you work with jr. high kids. But that's entirely beside the point.

I hate going to the bathroom. If there was one mundane thing I could give up forever, deficating would be it. Once again, beside the point.

We have completely domesticated and pleasantized this whole process of dealing with extrement. We have rooms, many of which are decked out with decorations, mints, even couches in ladies bathrooms (so I'm told). At the very least we spalsh/no-peak guards on our urinals, doors on our stalls and sinks with soap to wash up afterwards. We've made something that is humiliating (ever look at your dog while she's going? That sheepish, embarassed look?) and frankly something that is a reminder of our animalness, baseness and mortality into something that is too, what's the word I'm looking for...civilized, maybe? It is a controlled and manufactured experience that removes us from the ugliness of the process. Similar to the way we get and eat meat?

Now, this is not to say that I want to go in the woods all the time it's just that going to the bathroom ought to be a reminder of mortality and maybe even a humbling experience? We aren't as awesome as we humans think we are. We just flush our crap down the toilet.

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