Saturday, February 23, 2008

Doug Fields @ the National Youth Ministry Conference

Faithblockers / stuff that hinders Caring Conversations:
(1) fear
(2) I'm too occupied; too busy
(3) uncomfortable (i.e. budget mtg., mtgs w/ architects, etc.)

from Matthew 1...
JOSEPH : : good man, must have been afraid. Angel said: do not be afraid.
MARY : : pregnant virgin? Imagine her explaining this to her mother. Luke 2, Joseph had the audacity to take Mary on a road trip while she was "obviously pregnant." Mary MUST have been uncomfortable: mentally, physically, socially.
THE INN KEEPER : : Occupied, not evil, not bad, just full, busy, occupied.

"I'm obviously making assumptions to match my feelings. But go behind the scenes of your life. Behind the costumes and the pageantry. Identify the faithblockers in your life. What blocks your faith? What keeps you from being used in faith? Name 'em; call 'em out into the open. You can always count on God's power to be with you in your conversations."

: : Isaiah 40.28 & 29 // 2 Corinthians 12.9

Marry a pregnant virgin BY FAITH. Leave Bethlehem and move to Egypt BY FAITH b/c Herod's trying to kill Jesus. Go back to Nazareth, Herod the Great is dead BY FAITH. See (Hebrews 11 - 12.1)

"You're broken; I'm broken; God will overcome this by faith."

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