Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1) drown 2) chafe 3) limp at the chicago triathlon

so, i am going to do the 2008 chicago triathlon on august 20th.

i am going to do the spint competition this first time and not the international competition. the international competition is double the length of each sprint distance. (i am not completely oout of my mind).

the sprint triathlon is a .75K swim, 22K bike, and 5K run. not too horrible on their own but i think combined i might be limping down the aisle.

i think that tony, phillip, and scrote are planning on doing it as well.

any other takers?

i think many people compete on behalf of some charity. i am thinking about starting a nonprofit to benefit hobos for the occasion - you know, provide them with jugs for moonshine, tar filler for the holes in their boots and all the hankerchiefs they could ever want to tie at the end of sticks.

here is the website:


  1. I was thinking about doing one in April up in Oxford. You got me thinking...

  2. i will do a half marathon or maybe even a full marathon if they have one...but i don't swim, so i'm out for the tri-athalon.