Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One Buck Cup @ the Buck

Yeah buddy! This would be SWEET for us manly and authentic black coffee drinkers! Bringing the 'short' cup back. But for a buck? Yeah. I rarely get to the bottom of a Grande anyway. The Tall is about right and the Venti, let's be honest, it sounds communist AND it's ginormous. It's probably easy to drink a 20 oz. skinny, double extra vanilla, one less shot crappaccino in about 17 seconds but to enjoy a BLACK coffee...THAT is where it's at.

CLICK HERE for the NPR Marketplace Story


  1. am i crazy, brian, or did you once tell me that you've worked at starbucks?

  2. Nah, you're not crazy. I worked @ the Buck right out of college. Part time there and part time @ St. Paul UMC in Madeira. As a part time employee at Starbucks I could get full medical and dental insurance for like $15 a month PLUS stock options. GREAT place to work.