Monday, December 3, 2007


This toy kitten from McDonald's is what the Bengals are like. Nice turquoise collar.

So the Bengals looked good on the first drive. And then . . . they turned into the McKittens.

How many takeaways did they get? And how many times did they fail to score on them? I can't even COUNT that high without my calculator. Okay, it was 4. To the Steelers 1. Ugh. The Steelers were handing them opportunities on a silver platter.

In fact, coming into the game the Bengals were 4-0 when they were + on turnovers and 0-7 when they were - on the turnovers. That changed. Ugh.

If only I had a good reason to be a Packers fan. Oh yeah, it wasn't a good week for that either.

Back to writing my paper, which sounds like a refreshing break after watching the game.

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