Friday, December 7, 2007

I Am Toby Mac

So we're at Toys R Us earlier tonight with the whole fam. We were about to leave when Meka had a massive dirty diaper. Real close to a blow out. So being the dutiful dad I pretend to be, I snatched her up, grabbed the diaper bag and headed to the boys room.

So as I'm changing her diaper this little boy keeps kind of looking at me funny and came in and out of the bathroom a couple of times. Like normally happens in public bathrooms. I would have thought that was weird except for the fact that I was totally focused on trying not to get poop on my jacket.

Anyway...I walked out of the bathroom towards the check out where Cheryl and her mom were and this little boy came up to me and said, "Are you Toby Mac?" I chuckled and said "No, I'm not. Sorry."

Who knew I look like the niche celebrity Toby Mac? I must have looked pretty sweet rock starish!

(FYI: Toby Mac is a Jesus followin' recording artist probably best known for being in the band DC Talk that had that one hit, Jesus Freak.)

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