Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Movie? Whatever...

So the other night we watched our recent Blockbuster online delivery that we added to our queue because it's supposed to be a Christmas movie.


We got scammed.

So this movie is about some middle eastern people who are oppressed by the Roman government and weighed down by their taxes. Some young girl gets basically sold off by her dad to some older dude named Joseph. The girl ends up pregnant, Joseph gets pissed but has a dream that says it's okay, it's God's fault not some other guy. And there's all these birds that change into glowing people in white robes that talk to the main characters.

So they go to this town called Bethlehem and nobody will house them so they end up in a cave where Mary has this baby amongst donkeys and sheep and stuff. Shepherds come and visit as do three astronomers who give frank's incense (I don't know who Frank is), gold and myrrh (which apparently is a burial ointment. Nice gift for a baby guys).

Then there's a scene where all the boys ages 2 and under in Bethlehem get slaughtered by soldiers.

Merry Christmas.

Anyway...we got scammed. What does this have to do with Christmas? Where's the Santa and the elves and the ho, ho, hos and the reindeer and the credit card debt and the tinsel and stockings and snow, for goodness sakes. There wasn't even snow! No frosty, no Rudolph, no "every kiss begins with K" commercials. About the only thing that was Christmasy was the fact that there was traffic. It was CAMEL and DONKEY traffic but at least it was something.

Christmas movie. Whatever.

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