Monday, December 10, 2007

christmas in EAST nashville - over the river and through the hood

christmas is upon our little home on the ghetto side of the tracks in east nashville.

despite my desire to support the environmental cause in buying a farmed christmas tree, it was out of our budget this year. our "tree" is not artificial either. it is, in fact, the ultimate in hobo christmas trees!

sabrina got us this little gem by cutting off two large branches of a couple of pine trees near where she works and we tied them together with twine and to my microphone stand to hold them up. nothing like doing things on the cheap.

please note that the red skirt around the bucket, in which the branches are held, is the cursed red flag we stole from the sacred taoist mountain in china. and we have a star atop the tree - and what bigger star could you ask for than john wayne!

yep, it is christmas in our shanty town.

merry christmas to all and to all, chug-a-lug.


  1. Awesome. That's the way to do the decoratating.

  2. east nashville? saw your blog via brian payne... rusty here... went to miami of oh, etc. anyway, i lived in nashville for 2 years and was just in east nashville a couple months ago... thinking about moving back... all my friends live on your side of the tracks! cheers to the family wash and bolton's hot fish sandwiches. ha, dare you to try bolton's!