Monday, September 10, 2007

Random Muppet T

So this T showed up in the mail addressed to me. I have no idea who sent it but (1) they obviously know me fairly well to know I am a Muppetphile (2) they read the Onion because it's an Onion T (3) they must have intended it to be anonymous.

This is the first time a T has shown up like this. Pretty cool.

For whoever sent it...THANK YOU!

By the way, Meka and I were watching the Muppet show the other night and she started to cry, freaked out by a weird German group called the Mummenshanz (sp?). I thought it was kind of funny though I vaguely recall being scared of these cats myself when I was little.

And for the record, the Muppet show Season 2 is out on DVD and will be on my Christmas list!

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