Friday, September 14, 2007

"I'd eat cereal on that..."

I think it's a well known fact that the ferry's love their cereal. I'm partial to granola or Kashi Mighty Bites these days but there was a time when the 3 of us would either (1) fight each other over the good stuff or (2) get up early and eat the whole box so the others couldn't have any.

So as I was winding up my job of cleaning out the shed, which was nasty and cluttered by the way though I only found one mouse carcass, I said, "It's better but I wouldn't eat cereal in it." So...that's the new expression. You can apply it to anything like Brent's " the wolf" ala. Duran Duran. Patient like the wolf, tired as the wolf, sick as the wolf, etc.

So when something is clean you can say: "I'd eat cereal on that" of "off of that" whichever you'd prefer. If you agree with something said: "I'll eat cereal to that!" You get the idea. How will you use this expression and help it take off all over the world? Add it in the comments as well as your favorite cereal.

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  1. I see. I can get into this.

    How about when something's really bad, you take it that extra step, like: "Man, watching the Bengals is like eating cereal without milk."

    Favorite cereal of all time: Graham Chex
    Currently: Cinnamon Toast Crunch