Wednesday, July 11, 2007

trapper jane?

well, trapper made it through the surgery just fine!

however, instead of getting neutered, turns out it was a spay-job.

yep, sabrina and i are still getting over the shock of finding out that our little guy is, in fact, a girl.

tom-boys. gotta love 'em.

this has definitely highlighted my preconceived notions of the sexes. i am already thinking of her differently, treating her differently, and attributing her behavior to other causes.

well, i should have known she was a girl by how taken with me she is (as all females helplessly are), as well as the fact that she is willful as all get-out and gives me hell daily.

although the vets were calling her hotlips houlihan (also a name from mash) and others have urged us to do the obvious and call her trapper jane/joan, her name will remain trapper john.

here's to the over-recruitment of girls to the ferry family after a strong male-dominated run. chug-a-lug!

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