Friday, June 22, 2007

Meka Falls Down the Stairs

We had a horrific scare last night. Meka fell down the entire flight of stairs outside my office at the church building onto the tile floor. She took off towards the stairs, where she usually waits at the top. We ran after her but she lost her balance and went tumbling down. It was terrifying. She had a little bump on her forehead, a little bloody nose and a bit of blood in her mouth but after a couple minutes she was back to playing like normal. It just scared her. I think it scared us worse. She must be made out of either steel or rubble. She's a brusier. Even this morning there's no visible sign of the fall. Crazy.


  1. oof. I guess the cute aren't immune to pain. I'm glad she's okay. And that you had the better sense not to post a picture of her.

  2. Ouch! Poor baby! Poor parents! Are you guys holding up OK? It was probably tougher on you than on Meka!


  3. although i probably would have soiled myself and instantly fallen into a fetal position if i saw her fall, i see it like this:

    she's already working on the rock star lifestyle. falling down the stairs is the rock n' roll precursor to driving a car into a swimming pool and destroying a hotel room. she does kind of rock back and forth when she walks like keith richards.

    just sayin'. she a rocker.

  4. Surprisingly NOTHING is wrong with her. She had a little bloody nose and a little bloody lip but after a couple minutes she was fine.

    She's primed for one of the following:
    (1) Chevy Chase falling down the stairs school.
    (2) Rock star, as Todd mentioned
    (3) Toughest Man Contest since she's our little bruiser.