Saturday, April 21, 2007

When the world conspires...

So last night we pulled an allnighter at Gameworks with the student ministry. 11pm-7am, the 12am-5am slot @ Gameworks at Newport on the Levee.

A few observations...
(1) Lot of bang for our buck. It was only $20 which was unlimited games, soda, school quality pizza & ice cream bars.
(2) Allnighters/lock-ins sound really fun & cool to students. It must give students some serious cred at school to be able to say they stayed up all night.
(3) The prospect of staying up all night is way more exciting than the reality of doing so. Nearly all the students were grumpy, whiny & just wanting to sleep by about 3am. Be careful what you ask for. And it was BRUTAL on me from about 1:30am-3:00am. At that point I don't know what happened, something snapped and I got a second wind. I actually improved from there on out.
(4) Allnighters/Lock-ins such as this aren't the best for building relationships with students. I spent most of my time wandering around in a daze from the cacophony of the music and games and on the brink of a seizure from all the flashing lights. And I realized I suck at Frogger. Still. a few fun moments playing games with students for the most part everybody was off doing their own thing.
(5) McDonalds & IHOP. So the plan was to hit McDonaldo's after the Gameworks thing. Cheryl, being the thoughtful and wise woman she is, decided that she'd drive to McDonald's Friday night to let them know we were coming the next morning around 5:30-5:45am. They were not pleased that 50ish customers were coming. Which I don't really understand but whatever. So we show up at 5:40am and...they're closed. And they don't open until 6am. Huh? The manager Cheryl spoke to the night before failed to mention that they didn't open until 6am. Minor detail. Unless they thought were going to go through the drive thru. In a school bus. With 50 kids. Right. So we load the bus and head to IHOP. They have one server and insist that we all have to be on one check. Right. So we load the bus, go BACK to McDonalds and wait for them to open. Then it takes the better part of 45 minutes to serve our group. And we had told them we were coming. Isn't McDonald's deal fast fast food? Whatever. Customer service, where art thou?
(6) A good 5 hours of sleep sans dog & baby after staying up all night is SWEET. From 7:30am-12:30pm was sweet, sweet sleepytime.

After rising from the near dead I decided it would be a good idea to take Dylan to the dog park on this beautiful day, then grab some Starbucks for me & Cheryl (we need some more Sulawesi for tomorrow morning too), snag some baby Tylenol from the ubiquitous "drug store" and maybe take a bike ride in the afternoon. Great plan. Sounds like a good day.

Get to the dog park...mud world. We were their 14 seconds, Dylan was covered in mud it was squishing through my Chacos. Ugh. But hey, we're already muddy, let's play. So I throw her Frisbee* and it goes OVER the fence to the outside of the dog park in the REALLY deep mud. Ugh. So I jump the fence since I'm already covered in mud and retrieve Dylan's Frisbee, go to jump BACK over the fence and splat again in the mud. Trying to make the best of the situation we go to play. Dylan then relieves herself and I have to run to get a bag. A nice stranger in the meantime picks up her excrement, which is great because I'm not sure I'd do the same, and then I realize I don't have my cell phone. A short walk & it becomes obvious that my cell phone flew out of my pocket as I hopped the fence, landing smack in the middle of a mud puddle. Ugh. A few minutes later I was DONE with the dog park.

So I hose my feet off, try to spray Dylan and head to phase 2 of the mission: Starbucks. I order, it comes to $30 exactly, wow, amazing. Ooops, they only have ONE pound of Sulawesi though I just paid for 2. Oh, no, wait, there's another on the shelf. Woah. That was close. Oh, the drip coffee is empty, can you wait a few minutes for a fresh batch? Uh, do I have a choice? Alright, so I gather my coffee trappings and depart on to phase 3. Baby Tylenol. Then it occurs to am I going to keep Dylan from getting into the coffee? Ahh, I'll just have to take the coffee out of the car and leave it on the hood. Great. Fantastic.

Now...I'm no expert in the field of drug stores but I would think that Baby Tylenol would be a product that would be a hot item, so I would keep it stocked. If I ran drugstore world. Walgreens 1: sold out. Sold out of brand name, Walgreens brand and anything else that would have substituted for Baby Tylenol. Ugh. Walgreens 2: one left. I had to punch a lady to get it. I'm just kidding about that part. But I would have punched a lady. I mean, this is at least the 2nd time I've gone to Walgreens and they've been sold out of baby Tylenol. Ugh. That's two stops, two putting the coffees on the hood.

And I spilled a little of Cheryl's latte but fortunately not on anything in the car. Nothing like the smell of rotten milk in the floorboard of a car. Mmmm...

But alas...the day is beautiful, life is good. Things work out. I bathed the dog (turns out you can clean them), I enjoyed my coffee, had some granola, things are looking up. And Sunday's coming...which is the best thing of all.

*Dylan's frisbee is SWEET. It's a Kong frisbee and it's the most durable of any frisbee we've had and it flys well. If you're in the market for a dog frisbee. THIS is the one.

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