Thursday, April 5, 2007

Neon Bible, Sermon Prep & Toto

Alright, so I love life. I love how things get all mashed up and how iTunes is random and whatever.

So I've been listening to the Arcade Fire's Neon Bible a TON lately and frankly, it's fantastic. I've been a little reticent to like them since:
(1) they're purportedly the best band ever in the entire cosmos
(2) they snubbed Bono saying they were too tired
(3) I didn't really like Funeral

Too tired to meet with Bono? Uh...

Anyway...all that being said, Neon Bible is FANTASTIC. It's thick with instrumentation but not overdone. They've got their own wall of sound. And the songs are simple and catchy without being trite. I don't know man, they're great.

And Neon Bible is a great soundtrack to write an Easter message to. By the way, what in the world am I supposed to say on Easter Sunday? I mean, Easter is for the big dogs. Should I write a rhyming poem? Do an interpretive dance? Frankly, I would LOVE to speak in a bunny suit. Does anyone have one?

The great thing about the randomness and fluidity of life is that while doing some sermon prep and reading Pastor Mark's sermon iTunes can throw down a little Billboard Top Hits 1983, which includes some sweet, sweetness starting with Down Under by the Men at Work, right into Africa by Toto. Oh yeah.

So pick up Neon Bible if you haven't already. You can snag it at emusic too.

Ooh...Total Eclipse of the heart just came on, I'm out.


  1. I'll definitely check it out, thanks. I've been curious since it came out. I did like Funeral, a lot, and also love the book/movie that shares a name with the new album.

  2. i say for easter you talk about how people often rise from the dead like keith richards and discuss the immortal question - "what came first, the easter or the egg?"

    or you could just say things that rhyme with easter and make vague relations:

    *priester - a priest who gets jacked up for special sundays

    *greaster - a john travolta and olivia newton john loving freak

    *beaster - what you thought was bruning when mick jagger said - "i'll never be your beaster burnin'"

    *feaster - the gorging on ham that takes place after church on easter

    *heaster - a man who loves men

    *niecester - what meka is to me

    *treester- an environmentalist

    just sayin'.