Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Turns out...

...that there aren't any teaching jobs in Michigan...anywhere. So, check this, I'm going to get another master's and become a certified librarian. I honestly didn't know you could still that--better still, I can make almost twice as much in a school media center than I can in a classroom. Been kicking around this idea for awhile, so may as well go for it now. Why, then, did I get an education degree you ask? Because (1) I can still teach in the future and (2) the best jobs in "library sciences" in schools are held by certified teachers.


  1. librarian! you do realize that it won't be like in the pages of hustler where you get to spank naughty girls who talk to loudly in the library - or get spanked by the deviant school marm. ...well, as far as i know. let me know if i am wrong (i have always thought about working in a library muself).

    anywho - cool as hell, man. i hope that you get to run a famous library one day or do something like keep a catalog of all the works in the woody guthrie foundation or whatnot.

    i think it is a swell idea. you love books and hate people talking to you - and the library has tons of the former and forbids the latter. plus, you will be in a place where people will embrace your 4 eyes.

    good luck, huh?

    where are you going to school for librariation? U of M? Toledo? the library?

    how long of a program is it?

    will this help me get free books?

    can you help waive my longstanding fines in ohio, georgia, new york,and tennessee?

    ooooooooooooooo - you have to let me design the library for which you are the director! (that is assuming i am at least by then an architect). i will make it so damn sweet! okay, everything will be in the spirit of green design, spiral staircases everywhere, exposed beams, and sculptures of famous writers made out of books, for starters.

    huh? huh? deal?

    congrats bookworm!

  2. Your cousin is a librarian of sorts too - guess it runs in the fam...although you can do a LOT more cool stuff nowadays than you realize with a library degree. Our corporate library does really cool research projects, manages the web stuff for our company and does a ton of stuff w/ really cool online databases and electronic books.

    Now all you need is the librarian action figure w/ the "super shushing action" ... you can find her here: ttp://

    Great news!