Friday, March 16, 2007

Donkey Basketball > Bible Study

So feeling like a failure is sort of amusing especially when things get ridiculous. I mean, having zero students show up for a service project is pretty funny & disheartening but this one is still cracking me up.

On Wednesdays we have a Bible Study called the Deep End designed to go a little deeper into Scripture as well as into questions and all that.

Anyway...this past week was our last one for the school year and there were students who were skipping to go watch a Donkey basketball game @ Anderson where teachers ride donkeys and play basketball.

Not only were kids skipping Bible study to go to this there were students IN the room recruiting other students to skip and go watch donkeys play basketball!

Now, in all honesty, at that point I wanted to go to the donkey basketball game in hopes of seeing a donkey have explosive diarrhea all over the the students who skipped but alas...I had to stay at the Deep End. I mean, seriously, how in the world is Bible Study supposed to compete with Donkey Basketball?

The only way this would have been better is if we'd been studying the triumphal entry where Jesus rode the donkey but we were studying Acts 1 & 2, the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost and Peter's first sermon.

Anyway...who's the ass here?


  1. Hmmm. Do you think all that stuff with Balaam took place at some kind of ancient donkey basketball game?

  2. Could be. Why couldn't one of the donkeys talked and smited someone? Is that the correct way to say that? Smite, smote, smate?