Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Super Bowl Ads

So the ads are always a big dealio during the Super Bowl. You can check them all out here and vote for your favorites here.

And the question of whether it's worth the bagillion dollars a second to have your ad play during the Super Bowl? Well...we're still watching them today, eh?

And can I just say that it's about time somebody made a swimming movie! Oh yeah.

My top 5:
(1) The Chevy Tunes (Appealing to my audiophile tendencies)
(2) Paper, Rock, Scissors (Someone getting hit in the face with a rock is just funny)
(3) Grand Theft Coca-Cola (Redemption & life transformation via bubbly sugar water)
(4) Fist Bump (People getting slapped in the face is just plain funny)
(5) Garmin Navigation (Good Godzilla homage)

I was slightly amused at the careerbuilder commercials but I'm quite tired of the "Cube dweller gone crazy" genre. Don't get me wrong, a chubby guy doing a dance or other such wacky behavior can elicit a chuckle. Anyway...

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