Saturday, February 24, 2007

How Many Ferrys Does it Take...

In these United States of America there are...

...35 brian ferrys

...26 Scott Ferrys

...10 Todd Ferrys

...15 Cheryl Ferrys

& only 1 Meka Ferry.

(Actually, there are supposedly zero Meka's but I'm pretty sure there's one)



  1. Just one Joshua Reitano, reinforcing my already deeply held position that I am truly one of a kind.

    Only one Paige Reitano as well, though they showed two Paige Hobsons.

  2. Alright! It is on dammit! You are all invited to the Todd Ferry Games to be held in Madrid in the summer of 2009 to watch me destroy all the other posers out there who share my name. All of the known Todd Ferrys of the world shall compete in all matter of events and the winner gets to keep his name while the others must change it immediately! (There is no question who the superior Todd Ferry is so I will have this damned and seemingly commonplace name for a lifetime). Competitions will include: Hoboing, throwing playing cards into upturned hats, rabbit training, jacked-up carpentry, MASH trivia, girlfriend toss, freehand iguana tattooing, and general Todd Ferryness. A rose by any other name is still a rose but a Todd Ferry by any other name is obviously as far away from Todd Ferrydom as it gets. 2009 - Bring it on!!!